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As with any new tablet in 2012 it must contend with the reigning champion, the 3rd Generation iPad.  Surface by Microsoft looks like a decent contender.  What must be judged is the implementation of Windows 8 with this new sleek hardware.  Using a Surface looks like it may just live up to the announcement conference that Microsoft has just finished.  As for memory the Surface for Windows RT will include 32GB and 64GB models which will be priced comparable to ARM based tablets.  Then another PRO version will have 64GB and 128GB models and will be priced in the Ultrabook PC class.

I think the big surprise is the touch cover keyboard that very much one-ups Apple’s Smart Cover.

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We’ve talked a bit more recently about Google’s Project Glass and its potential abuses but here is big G with another release but this time in the personal storage sector. There are plenty of different personal cloud solutions from Dropbox and Evernote to Microsoft’s Skydrive (you can get 25 GB total storage for free right now).  Google has decided to enter the ring and take on some of the more established entities.  With it’s massive user base, applications and email offerings it will be quite an impressive competitor.  I like the fact that they hint at revision control but what is more impressive is the extension of applications into the cloud.  As it stands they boast being able to “open over 30 file types right in your browser—including HD video, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop—even if you don’t have the program installed on your computer.”


Bringing the capability to open file types that I don’t have software for is a significant accomplishment and one that not many other providers allow.

Right now it looks like Google Drive is in the slow-roll rollout phase (i.e. sign up for notification of availability).  We’ll see how it looks once we can play with it but until then back the the other kids on the block!

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Amazon has Mass Effect 3 for $29.99 today only. This was released on 3/6/2012. Images below will take you to the product page.  Update (26May2012) – still valid!


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