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Think Geek has the Star Wars Chewbacca Messenger Bag which for less than $75 is my kind of geekery!  For those that know me there is a particular similarity between Chewbacca’s long and lanky stature and my own (sans the Walking Carpet part).  Anyway I thought this was a pretty cool messenger bag with the ability to fully embrace that Star Wars geek in you!  Not bad for a bag that is able to hold that 11″ Macbook Air or iPad.  Remember even in Geekery:

Do or do not, there is no try!  -Master Jedi Yoda

[via Think Geek]

Before we get to Memorial Day, one of the most important Holidays for true remembrance of our Nation’s Heros, we need to squeeze in Geek Pride Day!

Now anyone that has spent enough time for me to ensure they are accepting of Geeks knows the self proclaimed level of Geekery I’m able to achieve in fairly quick order.  When I saw this – well it speaks for itself!

I bring you, literally, One-Man-Geek-Band Mr. Nick McKaig.  Check out the video above then get it on iTunes! He does the Star Wars Main Theme (Vocal Cover) as well as some other awesome ones like The Muppet Show Theme (Vocal Cover), Friends Theme Song (I’ll Be There for You) Vocal Cover, and even the Family Guy Theme (Vocal Cover).

What day was Star Wars released on?  

If you didn’t know on this day, 25 May 1977, the original Star Wars, now known as Episode IV was released.  Look at that – You just increased your Geek level!

[via iTunes]

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