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I feel XCOM and X-COM: Terror from the Deep was one of the best video games ever.  The full X-COM: Collection  is a great group of games overall but departed a bit from what I truly enjoyed in the originals.  This team of game developers for XCOM: Enemy Unknownhave a certain passion similar to my own.  In a very quick planning session before each mission the game play is turn based which provides exceptional variables which challenge you to know and correctly utilize each member of your unit.  Based on the experience and expertise of each squad member you must ensure you don’t try and move or do too much through each turn lest you leave your people vulnerable to the alien agressors.  In addition the game has gotten pretty great reviews.

xcom-enemy-unknownEither way this game is going to be one of my most played and favorites for 2012.  At effectively $45 ($59.99 + $15 pre-order credit*) this is the best price deal I’ve seen thus far for XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

*A $15 promotional code will be emailed to you within two days of your order shipment. The Elite Soldier Pack bonus will be available in the product packaging. Offer valid when shipped and sold by, while supplies last. This offer will be extended to all pre-orders. Amazon reserves the right to change or terminate this promotion at any time.

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Gears of War 3 is on sale for a cool $15 bones. Great price for a game that was released under a year ago and was a smash hit with exceptional reviews.  If you’re looking for one of those games that provides a significant amount of enjoyment per dollar spent… this one is gonna fit the bill!

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Don’t forget to pick up Assassin’s Creed: Revelations fro $10!

iTunes has Infinity Blade for $0.99.  If you’re looking for a great RPG for the road, kids or anything in between you’ll really enjoy IB!

[Infinity Blade via iTunes]

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