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How to remove Facebook's Trending Articles section


I bet you are wondering “how do you get rid of trending articles on Facebook?

Currently Facebook does not allow you to remove the recently added Trending Articles snipet they quietly snuck into your News feed.  We’ll there isn’t a Facebook method to remove it yet so rip it out of there with this simple “hack” and work around in 3 easy steps.  This way you’ll be able to hide or get rid of trending articles on Facebook Feed for good.

If you don’t want to install any software check out my other article on How to Remove Trending Videos from Facebook in 3 Easy Steps.

  1. Install the popular browser add-on Stylish, and we will use it to remove the “Trending Articles” section from the Facebook News feed. If you are using Firefox then Install Stylish For Firefox from the official Add-On gallery. Google Chrome user can Install Stylish For Chrome from the Chrome web store. Remove “Trending Articles” From Facebook’s News Feed
  2. Now go to page and install “Facebook Remove Trending Articles”  user-style script with your Stylish Add-on.
  3. You are done. Now whenever you will go to your Facebook account, you will not see the “Trending Articles” section in your News Feed.

Enjoy your Trending Articles free Facebook! Please share this and go viral against Facebook!


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