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Marina's Tartar Sauce

I’ve decided to start a new section on this wooden dummy blog of mine – Greatest.  I’ll be using it to catalog only the best of the best.  These are the greatest items I’ve EVER found!  With that said I’ll start this new category with tartar sauce, the greatest tartar sauce I’ve ever found (it’s spelled Tartar not Tartare sauce).    If you aren’t familiar with the seafood sauce it is my favorite.

I travelled to the Pacific Northwest to do some fishing this summer I was reminded of my great fondness for this Marina’s tartar sauce with dill relish!  If you head out fishing and happen to catch a “Barn-Door” sized Halibut – release it (obviously take video and pictures first)!  The smaller ones (less than 100 pounds) are the best for eating and they aren’t the egg producing females like the big ones.  I have tried countless different brands (seriously nothing on any market shelf is worth your money) and searched for the best tartar sauce recipes to make great tartar sauces.  The problem is that once you’ve had the best you want that great taste and perfect consistency that only comes with when you’ve found that perfect tartar sauce.

What puts this tartar sauce over the top is their perfectly blended dill relish.  That combined with the perfect consistence.  This sauce isn’t too think which would dominate the main dish.  But it also isn’t too think and provides that perfect coverage when dipping each bite into this seafood sauce.  This dill tartar sauce goes excellently with some of my favorite seafood dishes:

Fish and Chips – it is best made with Pacific Cod and Marina Tartar Sauce
goes perfectly with both the fish and the chips!  Just imagine that perfect sit down with an impeccable basket of fish and chips – one of my most memorable is enjoying this in Gibraltar!

Coconut Oil Fried Halibut – you guessed it – this seafood candy is put over the top with Marina’s amazing tartar sauce!

Baked Red Snapper or Baked Halibut – bake these dishes with a bit of Olive oil and lemon juice.  Add a side of Marina’s tartar sauce with dill and it makes each bite pop!

So why the big deal?  Well until recently I couldn’t get Marina Tartar Sauce anywhere but in the Pacific Northwest.  It is produced by Northwest Gourmet Foods (a family run business) which is just one of the positive attributes that produces this fine sauce.  I recently went so far as to get a shipment of 6 full jars of the stuff from a family member because the sauce is so good and wasn’t distributed outside that region (trust me I’ve looked).  I recently found only one way to get Marina Tartar Sauce (other than begging a friend or family member in that region).  One of my wishes is to enjoy a fresh batch of Marina Tartar Sauce– right after it is made with a perfect basket of Fish and Chips or that perfectly fried Halibut right out of the coconut oil!

[Marina Tartar Sauce]

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cod-black-ops-2When the weather starts to turn from hot and humid to the cooler fall the first thing that comes to mind is the major releases of console video games. The holiday season has aligned major publishers to start releasing great titles from September through November.  With that said I’ve created a collection of the major video game releases for this fall and the Holiday season of 2012.  Hopefully you’ll find a great Birthday present or Christmas gift for that special gamer in your life! The best video games of 2012 will be:

  1. Call of Duty: Black Ops II – Release on 11/13/2012 available from AmazonGameStopBest Buy
  2. Halo 4 – Release on 11/6/2012 available from Amazon, GameStopBest Buy
  3. XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Release on 10/9/2012 available from Amazon, GameStop
  4. Madden NFL 13 – Release on 8/28/2012 available from AmazonGameStopBest Buy
  5. Assassin’s Creed III– Release on 10/30/2012 available from Amazon, GameStopBest Buy
  6. Nike + Kinect Training – Release on 10/30/2012 available from AmazonGameStopBest Buy
  7. FIFA Soccer 13 – Release on 9/25/2012 available from Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy
  8. LEGO Lord of the Rings – Release on 10/30/2012 available from Amazon, GameStopBest Buy
  9. Medal of Honor: Warfighter – Release on 10/23/2012 available from Amazon, GameStopBest Buy
  10. Borderlands 2 – Release on 9/18/2012 available from Amazon, GameStopBest Buy
  11. Far Cry 3 – Release on 12/4/2012 available from Amazon, GameStopBest Buy
  12. Hitman: Absolution – Release on 11/20/2012 available from Amazon, GameStopBest Buy

Don’t forget to check out the different places I’ve highlighted for deals.  Remember that Amazon has the Pre-order price guarantee and normally provides shipping to support release day arrival.  GameStop allows for pick up in store with their Pickup@Store program and they also have a Pre-order price guarantee.  Best Buy allows for in store pickup and has their Reward Zone program if you’re a frequent shopper at this Big Box store.

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