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vint-cerfI’ve had the pleasure to listen, think, and ponder while Vint Cerf has spoken at various events.  As the picture demonstrates he is an impeccably dressed individual; I’ve only ever seen him in 3 piece suits.

His keynote “The Internet of Things and Sensors and Actuators!” at LISA ’12 is similar to one he gave at Carnegie Mellon University last fall.  It is my humble opinion that hearing Mr. Cerf speak about this topic is an exceptional experience to gain insight into the greater challenges of the Internet and especially its future.

Absolutely no need to listen to the intro – JUMP to the 15:00 point to get to the beginning of the Keynote, Enjoy!

[Video via USENIX]

accomplishment-road_02012 was an interesting year.  As the year began I was entering the second half of my Fellowship at Carnegie Mellon University. I played geobachelor daddy for a couple months to allow the spouse to accept a new job while I took care of the kids.   In April, a shipmate was killed in Afghanistan.  We even moved to a new location and I started another job (within the Navy).


  • Put 12% of my base salary toward retirement.
  • Maxed out annual IRA contribution.
  • Purchased a home.
  • Maintained Zero credit card debt; rearranged credit cards to maximize reward benefits.


  • Enjoyed more time with my kids.  As compared to 2011 when I was deployed.
  • Started this Blog.  I know, you’re jealous!
  • Went on two big trips.  I enjoyed attending CES for the first time and a solo trip home to visit family.


  • Invested further in a grown-up wardrobe. Millenium Falcon diagram T-shirts only go so far…although these awesome Millenium Falcon Cufflinks might have to be a part of this new wardrobe.
  • Completed 5 academic classes. Through National Defense University, they were CIO 2.0 Roles and Responsibilities, Enterprise Information Security and Risk Management, Information Assurance and Critical Infrastructure Protection, Cyber Security for Information Leaders, and Measuring Results of Organizational Performance.
  • Discovered how education is evolving!  Do you know what MOOCs are?
  • Completed my Fellowship Report.

I’m putting together my 2013 goals now to ensure I have much to strive for!  What did you enjoy accomplishing?  What are your goals this year?

[Inspired by GMBMFB]

“Any time I had a chance to do something cool I tried to grab for it and that’s where my solace comes from.” – Randy Pausch

Randy Pausch died a little more than a month after giving this speech to the graduating class of 2008.   If you haven’t watched Randy’s Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams then you’ve missed an unrivaled inspirational story.  I must thank my Mother-in-Law, Nevin, for originally introducing me to Randy’s inspiration.

Randy’s thinking is special and an exceptional example of what makes up the significant composition of Carnegie Mellon University.  This time of year always reminds me to evaluate my life.  To ensure that I’m a) doing what I believe is right; b) following my dreams; c) achieving the milestones toward those dreams. Once you watch The Last Lecture you’ll know where I stand on the Tigger/Eeyore choice.

Since I love clichés just like Randy I’ll end with Steve Jobs’ more recent life guidance:

I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” And whenever the answer has been “No” for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.” ― Steve Jobs

[via Randy Pausch’s Website]

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