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accomplishment-road_02012 was an interesting year.  As the year began I was entering the second half of my Fellowship at Carnegie Mellon University. I played geobachelor daddy for a couple months to allow the spouse to accept a new job while I took care of the kids.   In April, a shipmate was killed in Afghanistan.  We even moved to a new location and I started another job (within the Navy).


  • Put 12% of my base salary toward retirement.
  • Maxed out annual IRA contribution.
  • Purchased a home.
  • Maintained Zero credit card debt; rearranged credit cards to maximize reward benefits.


  • Enjoyed more time with my kids.  As compared to 2011 when I was deployed.
  • Started this Blog.  I know, you’re jealous!
  • Went on two big trips.  I enjoyed attending CES for the first time and a solo trip home to visit family.


  • Invested further in a grown-up wardrobe. Millenium Falcon diagram T-shirts only go so far…although these awesome Millenium Falcon Cufflinks might have to be a part of this new wardrobe.
  • Completed 5 academic classes. Through National Defense University, they were CIO 2.0 Roles and Responsibilities, Enterprise Information Security and Risk Management, Information Assurance and Critical Infrastructure Protection, Cyber Security for Information Leaders, and Measuring Results of Organizational Performance.
  • Discovered how education is evolving!  Do you know what MOOCs are?
  • Completed my Fellowship Report.

I’m putting together my 2013 goals now to ensure I have much to strive for!  What did you enjoy accomplishing?  What are your goals this year?

[Inspired by GMBMFB]

On the 27th of April the Department of Defense released the announcement of LT Christopher Mosko’s death.

Lt. Christopher E. Mosko, 28, of San Diego, CA Pittsford, N.Y., died April 26 while conducting combat operations in Nawa district, Ghazni province, Afghanistan.   Mosko was assigned as a Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Platoon Commander to Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force, Afghanistan.  Mosko was stationed at EOD Mobile Unit 3, San Diego, Calif.

LT Christopher Mosko and Friends

Matt Cegelske, Lee Painter, and Christopher Mosko and another EOD member in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I wish I could say I knew LT Christopher Mosko well.  He was one of those great individuals who I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by through my career.  I merely shared one of those many passing moments in life.  It came in the form of a 90 day deployment which was supposed to be a straight forward Homeport change and sail around South America for USS Carl Vinson.  That plan changed almost immediately after we got underway in January 2010.  I first met him when we were pushing assets and resources ashore after the earthquake in Haiti supporting Operation Unified Response (OUR).  He was in charge of the EOD detachment supporting CCSG-1 aboard USS Carl Vinson.  His team was pushed ashore to assist with resource coordination, direction, and delivery.

USS Carl Vinson in Haiti

USS Carl Vinson in Haiti supporting Operation Unified Response (OUR)

After CCSG-1 was relieved by CCSG-2 as TF 41 we proceeded north to Mayport, Florida to quickly resupply and get some Rest and Recovery (R&R) and catch the Super Bowl.  He was one of the many individuals who I joined at a local sports bar to catch the game.

From Mayport we continued our original plan and headed around South America.  I saw Chris off and on aboard through our daily operations while we headed to Rio.  Lee and I enjoyed hanging out with the EOD group one of the few nights we were in Rio and it was great to see new sights and relax a bit.  We continued our journey and stopped in Peru.  I remember seeing him numerous times while exploring Lima.  Then when we reached San Diego they departed and were assigned new tasking which ultimately led him to Afghanistan.

Chris is one of the few people I’ve personally known that our country has lost over the past decade of war.  The loss of his life is quite saddening to me.  Chris was one of those individuals that had that desired “presence.”  Self confidence was ingrained in him and he had the ability to lead which great people possess.  He was a pleasure to be around and those who worked with and for him were better because of him.

His loss reminds me of the poem by Tecumseh at the end of Act of Valor.  Yet Chris’ service demonstrated a Life of Valor; much greater than a single act.  Please see his father’s blog to pay your respects.

He was a part of my life; I’ll not forget him.

Update (7 May 2012): I dedicated my Marathon to Chris.

Update (10 May 2012): LT Chris Mosko, USN, EOD, has made his final trip home to San Diego, CA.

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