There are few things that we use in the household more than our Coffee station.  With that I decided to break down our station’s stuff.


  • AeroPress– hands down this produces the best single cup of delicious coffee.  You press out an expresso – drink it that way or add water to enjoy a Caffè Americano.  Also really like this because of its tiny waste footprint.
  • Keurig B60– the thing that does the majority of the heavy coffee lifting.  If you don’t know what this is you’ve been living under a coffee rock.
  • Aerolatte– exceptional tool for simply getting a great stir.  It’s just plain fun! Takes (2) AA batteries; I use Energizer Rechargeable.*
  • Ekobrew Cup Refillable Cup – helps cut down on the incessant K-Cup refuse. Stashed behind the Aerolatte.
  • Coffee Pod Drawer– keeps those K-cups neat and orderly.
  • Brushed Stainless Mug Tree – keeps 6 mugs arranged while effectively using vertical counter space.
  • Everyday Mug – hunted these mugs down… they are simple, clean, and give that “coffee shop” feel.
  • Instant Hot Water Dispenser(not pictured) – hot water supply for rapid AeroPress use!

Coffee and Fix’ns:

Support Equipment:

  • *La Crosse Battery Charger (BC1000) – I use this battery charger to keep all my rechargeable batteries fully powered and conditioned.  Those cheap chargers that come with some name brand batteries are worthless.

So what Coffee Station equipment do you use as you play barista at home?  What do you recommend, home barista?

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