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“The question of whether Machines can Think is about as relevant as the question of whether submarines can swim.” – Edsger W. Dijkstra



It is minor but I thought I’d share. Nike Plus has welcomed me to Blue, whatever that means for achieving the 1,000 kilometer mark with their application.

Here’s to a few more. Won’t you join me?  Check out why I’m doing this!

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Journey to the Klondike through Chilkoot PassThey say the older a man gets…

I finished watching Klondike, the Discovery Channel’s first scripted television show.  I enjoyed it.  Several have said it had similarities to Game of Thrones and I would agree to a point.  There were quite a few good one-liners in the 3 part series (each part with a running time of two hours), but below is my favorite quote from Klondike.

They say the older a man gets, the more knowledge he accumulates. Dirties the view of the world. Bunch of stuff in your head that takes away the innocence. -Bill Haskell (actor Richard Madden)

I haven’t found a consolidated few sentences which expresses the loss of innocence in a persons life better than these three.  Thought I’d share, please do the same!