I had the fortunate chance to sit down with my Grandfather a couple years before he passed away to simply sit and listen to some of his experiences during World War II.  It was difficult for me when my Grandfather passed away.  I was on deployment and was unable to return to attend his funeral.  I knew him as a strong and humble individual that farmed his fields in Minnesota.  He and I had several exceptional experiences together.  The most memorable for me was when he caught the largest fish of his life; a 165 pound Halibut.

Grandpa CegelskeGrandpa Cegelske lays out several of the more memorable experiences he had in the U.S. Army during World War II; even the Battle of the Bulge.  He conveyed that there are great similarities to today’s “modern” military.  My favorite story within this video is the “Bag of Lugers” piece.

What is your favorite story?



Thank you for sharing this Matt! Your Grandfather Cegelske was an American hero.

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