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The U.S. electric grid is a complex network of independently owned and operated power plants and transmission lines.

Source: Visualizing The U.S. Electric Grid : NPR

The general power grid map of the United States. The interesting collection provides the major portions of the grid, the sources, the interconnections, and the magnitude of the power source.




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Source: A Ten Year Tribute to Jon Postel | Internet Society

One of the original creators of cyberspace… Jon Postel. You most likely know the name Vint Cerf as one of the creators. We’ll Vint Cerf said of Jon Postel, “”He was our rock,the foundation on which our every web search and e-mail was built.”

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Source: The Opte Project

An impressive compilation of numerous years mapping of the internet. This represents the magnitude of cyberspace and help individuals understand the scope and size of the power and problems presented by cyberspace.

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