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So what are you going to do about it? DO IT!


Last fall, we came across Matthew Callahan’s fantastic series of images, Galactic Warfighters, in which he inserts Star Wars figures into realistic combat photography. Now, a short film delves into his process.

This Marine’s work is impressive and clearly demonstrates the passion he has for combining footage and images from war with his love of science fiction.

Source: Galactic Warfighters Shows How a Photographer Recreates War With Action Figures


The Beatbot is a programmable, self-driving robot that aims to motivate runners more than a stopwatch.

In my line of work, the ability to see the competitor is extremely difficult. The understanding required simply to perform basic operations, correctly, is a challenge.  This prevents the team from progressing to where it needs to be.  How to leverage this concept and method is something to think about.

Source: Puma Created A Robot As Fast As Usain Bolt To Make Athletes Better | Co.Create | creativity + culture + commerce

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