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Conference Call Table in Real LifeIn some form or another I’ve participated in conference call in real life since about 2006.  This quick video pretty much sums up what it has been like.  Is our treatment of a teleconference meeting any different than a physical face to face meeting?  Should it be treated the same/different?  Is it always technology’s fault?  Does video conference call capabilities (Skype/Facetime) mitigate these issues?

Would it be better if the expectation was set that individuals should be on time or if “schedule challenged,” send a representative to the entire session?

By the way, the end was perfect.

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Zachary Quinto - The ChallengeLeonard Nimoy - The ChallengeThe Challenge hit the spot!  Pitting the two Spocks (Zachary Quinto vs. Leonard Nimoy) against each other was genius by Audi!  A very well done and put together video, The Challenge has all the parts of excellent advertisement while providing great substance.

The Challenge hits on an age old classic dilema.  Is old or new better?  In the case of the two individuals who play Spock in various movies the ultimate determination will be a matter of unanswerable debate for the next several decades.  The Challenge – get to the club first.  While Quinto is afforded a fine looking charriot in the form of a new Audi S7, Nimoy is relegated to a boring and waning Mercedes Benz.  At face value The Challenge is already decided, or is it? Don’t under estimate Nimoy’s cunning ability to determine a way to win The Challenge!

I also really love the technology shout out to the driverless vehicle at the end of The Challenge.  When you view driving as the distraction, vice what is commonly viewed as a distracted driver problem, you immediately understand that most people would most likely rather be doing something better than simply driving.  That ultimately, in my opinion, is THE CHALLENGE!

Watch and enjoy!

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On April 7, 2013, I ran the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler Race along with about 17,000 other people.  I dressed a bit differently than most.  I had a lite windbreaker on but underneath it I wore a GoPro HERO3: Black Edition attached to the Chest Mount Harness.  The zipped up windbreaker masked the fact that I was wearing the camera pretty well.  When I met my colleagues who were running the race they, as expected, looked at me as if I had a third head.  Clearly they had not yet experienced the full power of my Geekery… However, I was happy to hang out with a bunch of Predictive Battlespace Specialists (ETA – 2025).  At least one individual I know likes the new name…

Washington Monument 2013

I enjoyed the run once we got moving.  It was pretty chilly that morning and until the sun came up, and we started moving, everyone was cold.  The nice part was that while not every tree got the message, the cherry blossom trees were starting to bloom!  Some of the views were quite epic as we ran past each monument and checked out each historic item along the race route.

On the other hand, I found that I’m not too excited about 10 mile races.  Like another colleague pointed out, and you can see from the video, there isn’t enough mileage so the runner density stays pretty high and doesn’t get spread out like it did in the Marine Corps Marathon and Pittsburg Marathon.  I hadn’t done much training for the event so I treated it as a fun run of sorts.

Not everyone can run 10 miles, even less do it with a camera on their chest.  This was the first video I’ve created from the new camera and I’m looking forward to seeing what else I can come up with.  I’ve even purchased the Head Strap Mount to determine if it provides a bit better camera stability for videos while running.

I had a lot of fun running, the camera didn’t get in the way, and there was a great brunch afterward!  Exactly how every race should go!

Cherry Blossom 10 Miler Route


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