We’ve discussed the ramifications and issues of Search Engine Optimization (and Exploitation) during Internet Information Operations.  Which Search Engine do you find yourself routinely using?  If you’re a betting individual the odds are heavily in favor of Google.

If you are in the Internet Marketing sector you clearly favor Google.  It provides the massive money roll that is Google Adsense.  Internet Marketers are motivated by one things – money.  This creates an entire infrastructure of White, Grey, and of course Blackhat Internet Marketers.

But if you are a standard consumer you’re being heavily skewed by the actions of Internet Marketers.  If you’re using Google you gain very little benefit other than a large propensity for those wanting to grab your views in one manner or another.  At least with Bing they are currently paying their users to conduct Internet searches via Bing Rewards.  Simply signing up with Bing and enrolling will provide you a minor benefit that will accumulate over time (slowly providing you things like $5 Amazon gift cards every few weeks).

Whatever you choose ensure you understand how you are being targeted by those wishing to gain a bit of the massive advertising dollars that Google is shelling out.

[via BingItOn]

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