keep-calm-trioThere are few things I find more interesting than Military History.  The days of Winston Churchill during World War II were a terrible time; one that brought death and destruction throughout Britain.  However, it brought a significant unity, accomplished under Churchill’s watch, against the aggressive Nazi foe.  Where Barter Books ties into this story – they rediscovered one of these uniting mechanisms of the era; the Keep Calm poster.  It is an exceptionally well put together 3 minute snippet of history that ties in what the poster’s purpose was, other lesser known posters and the quaint bookstore this all emerged from.

The three posters included:

  • Freedom is in Peril – Defend it with all your Might
  • Your Courage Your Cheerfulness Your Resolution WILL BRING US VICTORY

Enjoy “The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On,” I did!

[via The Big Picture]



  1. […] together what I wanted to do with the Keep Calm and Carry On trio of posters I wrote about from Barter Books and the poster history from World War II.  I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.  For that white boarder I used a very thick […]

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