A couple days ago I discovered Back to the Roots, their initiative and website.  In past years I’ve enjoyed keeping Saltwater fish and even an entire reef, but that is another story.  Anyway, when I saw Back to the Roots’ offerings I couldn’t help but preorder one of their Home Aquaponics Garden.  I like fresh greens and I like fish; I love a closed-loop ecosystem.  It will be fun and exciting to see how well the ecosystem works and if it actually is in harmony.

Home Aquaponics GardenThis Aquaponics Garden Kit comes with:

  • The aquaponics tank & garden kit top
  • Air pump to bring your nutrients up and oxygenate the water  (the ecosystem shares like recirculating aquaculture systems)
  • 5 pots with pebbles (where the plants will grow)
  • Organic seeds (mixture of various herbs)
  • Fish food and water conditioners to get started right away 

It will be interesting to see what kind of fish we pick out for the little aquaponic fish tank.  A small 3 gallon aquaponics tank like this can hold up to 3 inches of fish maximum.  It should be interesting to get started in a bit of aquaculture.  I’m definitely looking forward to setting it up with my kids and seeing them learn from the experience!


While I was surfing the Back to the Roots website I ended up getting one of their grow-at-home mushroom kits.  It lets you grow up to 1 1/2 lbs of oyster mushrooms.  I know what you are thinking… first box wine and now box mushrooms?  Again this effort will be more from an educational and fun perspective than anything else.

[Back to the Roots]

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